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Austin's Premier Fine Art Gallery

Austin Galleries has been a trusted name in Austin, Texas fine art since 1964. Our large collection of over 1000 artworks spans from 19th century original oil paintings to 20th century modern prints; Texas landscapes to contemporary abstracts; fine antiques, jewelry and sculpture.


Browse our online catalog or book a shopping appointment and find the perfect art for your space! 

Austin Galleries fine art in Austin, Texas
Austin Galleries Fine art and appraisal in austin, texas


At Austin Galleries, we offer a range of services including art & antique appraisals, art restoration, consignment, and corporate art leasing

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Represented Artists

Meet the artists we represent and explore their unique portfolios.


Abstract artist from Santa Fe, New Mexico specializing in large acrylic on canvas abstract pieces.


A landscape artist from Austin, Texas, specializing in idyllic oil on canvas scenes from across America.


An artist from Saltillo, Mexico specializing in mixed media abstract expressionist paintings.

MA Bhatti Portrait.jpeg

Dr. M.A. Bhatti

M.A. Bhatti is a Houston professor specializing in western romanticism, mixed media abstracts, and commissioned portraits.

pep-suari head shot.png

Pep Suari

Pep Suari is a Spanish artist specializing in expressionist paintings with vibrant color palettes and dreamlike subject matter.


Bob Ragan

Bob Ragan is an acclaimed sculptor and stone carver from Florence, Texas.


Borja Fernandez is a Majorcan artist specializing in subtle impressionist European landscapes.


Sandi Neiman is an abstract artist from Austin, Texas specializing in abstract cold wax painting.

BS-50415_Bartolome Sastre_Venecia_57.5x45.jpg

Bartolome Sastre

Bartolome Sastre is a Majorcan artist who paints portraits, city scenes and landscapes from across the world.


Rebecca Sobin

An abstract artist who uses cold wax and mixed media in her paintings.


Heiko Weiner

A German artist who specializes in segmented wood pottery and decorative arts.


Gustav Likan

A Yugoslavian modern artist famous for his figurative colorist style of painting.

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Carlos Gamez De Francisco

Spanish artist specializing in figurative portraits. 

daniela nikolova.jpeg

Daniela Nikolova

A Bulgarian mixed-media painter who specializes in equine art.

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