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The art appraisal process can feel daunting, but at Austin Galleries we seek to simplify the experience. Our formal appraisals for art and antiques provide an authoritative report that details your items and provides an estimate of value based on your purposes at the time of inspection. We serve clients in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas.


Our gallery owner, Ann Attal, has over four decades of experience appraising artwork and antiques for clients in the Austin, Texas area. Our appraisals are precise, organized, and easy to understand. We promptly deliver your report in both hard copy and e-document formats.

The 3-Step Process

We'll photograph, and inspect your items.

Our experts research and report on your items.

We deliver your appraisal document!



Q: Do I need a formal appraisal for my art/antiques?

A: In most cases if you need a formal appraisal, you will know because the insurance company or court will explicitly request it. Formal appraisals are legal documents intended to withstand scrutiny for purposes including obtaining insurance coverage, filing an insurance claim; probate or processes related to executing a will; determining estate tax; dividing assets in the case of a divorce; making a charitable donation.


In some cases, appraisals are used to establish a fair market value for the sale of art but should NOT be confused with an informal estimate of value.*

*If you are looking for a value estimate for the purposes of selling your art piece with us, click here

Q: How much does an art appraisal cost?

A: Our appraisals start at a minimum of $475 for one item. Each appraisal is different depending on the amount of items, the type of appraisal, and the complexity of research. We will promptly provide you with a custom quote once we receive your inquiry.

Q: How long will it take to receive my art appraisal?

A: For smaller collections of around 10 items or less, we complete most appraisals within two weeks of your initial appointment. For larger collections, it will vary depending on the number of items, and the depth of research. We respect your deadline.  Please include your timeframe in your inquiry, if applicable.

Q. How do you arrive at the value of an art piece?

A: Our gallery owner Ann Attal conducts the appraisal inspection in-person to verify the authenticity, condition, and specifications of the art.  Our staff photographer takes detailed photos to include in the report.  The valuation we report is based on detailed research of comparable items that are currently on the market, and recent sales at auction.  We also survey our colleagues at galleries, museums, and auction houses for informed opinions on pricing art.

Get your free custom quote!

*We serve clients in Austin, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Please read our FAQ section before inquiring.


To receive a custom quote for your art/antique appraisal, email and include:

  1. Purpose of your appraisal (insurance, probate, authentication, taxes, etc.)

  2. Number of pieces to include in the appraisal

  3. Name, title, or description of each piece

  4. The artist or maker of each piece

  5. Court-provided deadline for your appraisal, if applicable.




Senior Appraiser: Ann Attal

Ann Attal, our gallery owner, conducts the appraisal inspection and provides a value based on detailed research. 


Mrs. Attal's experience encompasses over 40 years of experience as an appraiser of fine art and antiques.  Her appraisals conform to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and meet IRS qualifications and requirements. Her appraisals are accepted by major insurance companies, banks, Internal Revenue Service, trust companies, attorneys, probate, non-profit organizations and shipping companies. Her previous appraisal experience includes insurance coverage, damage/loss claims, equitable distribution, resale/inventory, estate capital gains, charitable contribution, liquidation, collateral; determining replacement value, fair market value, marketable cash or salvage value. Clientele includes private individuals, banks, law firms, trusts, insurance companies, the University of Texas and the Texas Alumni Association.​


The gallery has been an active participant in the local art scene since 1964. Mrs. Attal represents over 200 artists. Over the course of a year Mrs. Attal holds two or more fine estate sales, participates in six or more cataloged auctions in Texas, attends one or more auctions in the National/International market place, and attends one or more antique market place fairs. She has done over $5 million in sales with auction houses over the past five years on both fine art and antiques.   

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