What is a formal appraisal?

Our formal appraisals consist of an extensive, authoritative report that details your art and provides an estimate of value based on your purposes at the point in time that we inspect it.  


Formal appraisals are intended to withstand legal scrutiny. 


Purposes include obtaining insurance coverage or filing an insurance claim; probate or processes related to executing a will; determining estate tax; making a charitable donation, or establishing a fair market value for the sale of art.  

Stay in the know about the value of your art collection

We can help determine the authenticity of art. Additionally, we set a fair market value for artwork based on its condition. Our goal is to provide accuracy on the value of your art that allows you to make informed decisions about your collection.

We serve clients in Austin, Texas, and the surrounding areas.


To receive a custom quote for your appraisal, email and include:

  • Number of pieces to include in the appraisal

  • Name, title, or description of each piece

  • The artist or maker of each piece

Ann Attal, our gallery owner, conducts the appraisal inspection and provides a value based on detailed research. 


Mrs. Attal's experience encompasses over 40 years of experience as an appraiser of fine art and antiques.  Her appraisals conform to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and meet IRS qualifications and requirements. Her appraisals are accepted by major insurance companies, banks, Internal Revenue Service, trust companies, attorneys, probate, non-profit organizations and shipping companies. Her previous appraisal experience includes insurance coverage, damage/loss claims, equitable distribution, resale/inventory, estate capital gains, charitable contribution, liquidation, collateral; determining replacement value, fair market value, marketable cash or salvage value. Clientele includes private individuals, banks, law firms, trusts, insurance companies, the University of Texas and the Texas Alumni Association.​