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Austin Galleries provides full-service estate sales in Austin, TX. We can help with a full or partial estate sale. Whether you are settling the matters of a deceased friend or loved one, or are liquidating assets to facilitate a move, we can help you exercise the best options to make this time as simple and stress-free as possible.


Pieces of fine art and antiques have high value. If you or a family member loved collecting art, then you have the opportunity to reach out to a market that would love to see what you have to offer. Our gallery specializes in sales of fine art and antiques. Since our establishment in 1964, we have helped clients appraise, present, and sell pieces.​


Treating Clients, and Their Art and Property, with Respect


We understand: it can be difficult to carry out the wishes of someone’s estate. Or if you are trying to liquidate personal belongings, there may be challenges that are preventing you from selling fine art or antiques with clarity and objectivity. Allow our team to be your guide during these complicated, sentimental times. We have the skill, knowledge, and experience to assist you in estate sales. Our agents will work out the details, allowing you to secure sales confidently.


Our staff is comprised of seasoned art appraisers and gallery managers. We clean, organize, stage, and price every item that you desire to sell. We research any specialty artwork or antiques to find the best achievable price.


Find and connect with interested buyers. Our art brokerage has developed a wide-ranging network that allows us to give your estate sale as much awareness and exposure as possible. We effectively and strategically advertise the estate sale to get the most amount of traffic for the event.

Personalized Service You Can Trust

When it comes to full-service estate sales, you can depend on us to help you complete the event quickly and effectively. We work only on commission, so we are truly looking to achieve the best price in the resale marketplace. 


Our agency stays up-to-date with the prevailing trends and buying habits in the fine art world, allowing us to appraise and price your pieces fairly. With our assistance, you have the power to settle your loved one’s estate, find closure, and move on.​

Contact us to request a consultation for our estate sale services. We are based in Austin, TX. Please note that viewings at our gallery are by appointment only.
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