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Preserving your art is crucial for maintaining both its aesthetic appeal and value. If your artwork shows any of th efollowing signs of damage or ware, we can help:

  • Cracking or chipping in the paint

  • Dents and holes in the canvas

  • Dull Color From Dirt, Dust, Mold, and Yellowing Varnish

  • Paper with Discolored Speckles

  • Water damage to wood furniture.

And more...

Whether you have a single piece or an entire collection, we take the time to figure out the best solution and process for each piece. Our restoration expert has a lifetime of experience to ensure our clients receive the best possible results for their artwork. For inquiries, contact us at and please include the following information:​

  • A photo of the damaged piece

  • A description of the extent of the damage

  • The medium and material of the piece

We'll respond promptly with a quote. If you accept the quote we'll make an appointment for you to drop off the piece!


"What a good outcome working with Austin Galleries! Both the owner and manager went to great lengths to find an artist (stone carver) to restore a damaged rose onyx sculpture by Charles Umlauf. This piece is unique with great sentimental value. I appreciate all the texts, emails and phone calls. And especially AG finding the perfect artist with the skills to restore this piece. We are very happy with the results. Thank you for your patience, expertise, and kindness they are greatly appreciated."

- Sherry H.

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