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Austin Galleries believes representing artists is an honor and we give this process great thought and care. The gallery is always interested in working with new and recognized talent. 

First, take a detailed look at our website to understand the nature of work we exhibit. After you are familiar with our collection and you feel your work would be appropriate for us, please follow these guidelines. This will ensure your work is given a thorough review.

Submissions are accepted via Email.

Please email us at

Please provide the following information in your submission:

1. Contact Info

- Name, address, phone, email, etc.

- Include your website if available

2. Biography:

- Please include awards, exhibitions, prominent collections, and other pertinent information such as featured articles in publications etc.

3. Photographs of Artwork - Minimum of Five

- Please include title, medium, size, and retail price

4. Listings of:

- Galleries where your work is shown

- Shows, Art Sales, and Exhibitions where your work is sold

5. Supporting Material:

- Marketing media such as brochures and catalogues featuring your work, if available

Submissions are reviewed on an ongoing basis in the order they arrive. All submissions will receive a timely reply to the best of our ability, but please be patient as we receive over 200 submissions annually. Thank you for considering Austin Galleries.

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