Artwork Leasing

Leasing artwork can be the perfect solution to any decoration decisions you have to make in your home or office. Artwork for corporate leasing in Austin, TX, is an excellent option for businesses and companies who appreciate beautiful artwork and variety but have a budget to consider or do not want to commit to one aesthetic. By leasing artwork in Austin, TX, you can find the right style for your business while adding another dimension of atmosphere for your clients.

​Leasing decorative arts for real estate staging is also an affordable option for homeowners wishing to showcase their home for its beauty, without having personal items on display.

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Why Lease Artwork from Us?

Austin Galleries has been appraising, restoring, and leasing art for more than 55 years to businesses of all sizes. From small storefronts to towering office buildings, you can be assured we have a piece that fits in with your décor and company culture. Our collection spans multiple centuries and includes landscapes, portraits, abstracts, and everything in between. Make an appointment to visit our gallery and browse all of the artwork available.

Blank walls don’t make for attractive or memorable buildings. When you want employees to enjoy coming to work and customers to come back, you’ll want to add some color. That’s why we lease artwork to businesses like yours. Paintings like ours add color and personality and can even serve as helpful landmarks for people trying to find their way around. Workers are better equipped to do their job in a morale-boosting environment that encourages expression and creativity, as art inherently does.

Offering All Kinds of Art

​Austin Galleries houses much more than paintings. You can lease artwork from us that includes glass, jewelry, accessories, and other decorative pieces. All of it entails the same beauty and careful attention to detail as our wall art.