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Sofia, Bulgaria

Daniela Nikolova was born in September of 1976 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She paints expressionist equine art in a mixed media format. From a very early age, art was an inseparable part of her life; her biggest passion was painting. Daniela grew up in the heart of the city, away from nature. She did not grow up near horses, but she deeply admired their beauty since childhood.

"Some part magic and myth, some part mystic and spiritual, those are the ingredients that make me feel like a part of the Caballos Mayoral spirit."

daniela nikolova.jpeg

She now lives in Greece, in a small, rural town with horses; and she cherishes interacting with these majestic animals. At last, she has her own horse, ORION XLVII, a pure-bred Spanish Andalusian.  Daniela's horse was born in Zaragoza, Spain, in the stable of Jose Maria Caballos Mayoral. Daniela feels connected to all of Jose's horses – they are the sole source of inspiration for this collection of paintings.


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