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Borja Fernandez is a contemporary impressionist painter renowned for her distincitve approach to capturing European and South American landscapes. Her artistic journey, which began at the age of 10, is marked by an extensive mentorship under Joaquin Torrents Llado. It was through years of disciplined study and personal evolution that Fernandez honed her distinctive style—a blend of impressionistic glimpses into nature, characterized not by absolute realism but by the emotional and ephemeral qualities of each moment.

Fernandez's technique is notable for its use of multiple transparent layers. Through applying up to ten layers of fine, transparent oil washes, she creates depth and atmosphere, allowing each layer to subtly reveal its predecessors. This methodical approach captures the essence of her subjects with a dream-like clarity, distinguishing her work within the impressionist tradition.

Her subjects, primarily European landscapes, are more than mere physical locations; they are moments of transient beauty, whether it's the shifting light across a bay or the delicate dance of fog at dawn. Fernandez's work spans both oil and watercolor, treating each medium with a distinct approach—calculated and precise in watercolor, passionate and spontaneous in oil, yet always striving for authenticity and purity in her artistic expression.

Borja Fernandez is now retired, but her relentless pursuit of excellence ensures that each piece she creates is a testament to her journey as an artist, offering viewers a unique, impressionistic view of the world through her eyes. Borja Fernandez's artwork stands as a vibrant collection of contemporary impressionist landscapes, each painting inviting the viewer into a world of fleeting beauty and emotional depth.


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