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Austin, Texas


"As a lifelong artist, I have worked in many mediums but none have captivated my attention and intention as Cold Wax Medium. Cold Wax is a combination of oil paint and a wax amalgamation that has the consistency of buttercream frosting. The medium is spread with a squeegee over a hard surface, layer upon layer and excavated back to the beginning with tools and solvents. The history created using this medium enables me to build patterns within the substrate, while carving away." 


"In the past three years I have been in a deep emotional excavation process myself and this medium serves as a fascinating metaphor for the work I have done. What appears to the viewer is individualized - like a Rorschach test - each person's interpretation of the art is entirely unique. " 

SandiNeiman02 copy.JPG

"Some of the lessons I have learned through this medium is patience and allowing whatever is to be seen unfold. If I am too impatient I make mud - which has it's own beauty. If I am patient, the layers set and I am free to add more depth and texture upon them. The beauty of creating history is expecting the unexpected." 


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