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Chile (b. 1949)

José Basso is a Chilean artist born on June 27, 1949. He discovered his passion for art early on and pursued a Fine Arts degree at the School of Fine Arts in Vina del Mar before continuing his studies at the University of Chile in Valparaiso. He gained recognition with the Painting Prize at the 1975 International Art Biennale in Valparaiso, setting the stage for a successful career. Distilling nature into its principle components, he leaves only light, air, space, and subtle reminders of human presence. His work has earned him international acclaim, and his pieces are found in prestigious collections worldwide, including those of Chilean President Ricardo Lagos, the National Museum of Fine Arts in Santiago, and Queen Sofia of Spain's Zarzuela Palace. Basso has participated in numerous international exhibitions, biennials, and solo shows, solidifying his position as a significant Chilean artist. In 2011, a retrospective of his work at Santiago's National Museum of Fine Arts was celebrated as the best exhibition of the year. His evocative creations feature elegantly simplified forms and fine brushwork, accentuated by bold, contrasting colors. His mesmerizing compositions, achieved through multiple layers of fine oil paint, convey solitude, serenity, longing, and memory. Basso's artistic mastery continues to captivate audiences worldwide, and his pieces grace the collections of prominent museums and private collectors across South America and beyond.




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