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Tim Solliday is a distinguished contemporary artist known for his work in the realms of Plein-Air painting and Western art. Born in 1952, he embarked on his artistic journey inspired by his father, who was also an artist. Solliday's style and career took a significant turn after he studied under Theodore Lukits, a renowned California Impressionist painter, in the 1970s. This mentorship enriched Solliday's approach, imbuing his work with a profound sense of color, light, and composition reminiscent of earlier Impressionist and Western traditions.

Solliday has garnered acclaim for his vivid landscapes, often capturing the beauty of the San Gabriel Valley, as well as his evocative portrayals of American Indians and iconic Western scenes. His artistry is not just a reflection of the natural beauty of these landscapes but also an homage to the cultural and historical narratives tied to the American West. Solliday's contributions to the art world extend beyond his canvas; he is celebrated for his dedication to the craft and his ability to convey the spirit and essence of his subjects through his distinctive blend of realism and impressionistic flair.


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