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Rebecca Sobin is a contemporary abstract artist who divides her time between the Rocky Mountains of Montana and the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. She self-describes as both an artist and a science geek and considers these two aspects of her life as being a cross-pollination, each perfectly balancing the other.

Sobin holds her Master's and clinical Doctorate in Chinese medicine. After years in both higher education (professor and clinical dean) and seeing patients in the clinical setting, she finally retired from medicine to fully focus on her painting. The journey to deeply delve back into her art went through several incarnations – musician, poet, photographer, and watercolorist – all leading to the abstract work she embraces today.


All her current collections of work are created using layers of primarily oil and cold wax on cradled, wood panels, however Sobin considers her work as mixed media, as many techniques and mediums are combined to create her Abstract-expressive paintings.






"I work in oil and cold wax on panels, creating topographical, sculptural, and multilayered paintings. As an abstract artist, I translate my perceived reality into color and shape, creating a “topography of place” in my work. 

My mission is to create a span that traverses both the internal and external landscape. I want people to see and feel the connectivity from the self, the inner landscape, to the earth, terra firma - the outer landscape through the visual conduit of color, shape, gesture, motion.

Art is a way to connect the sense of self and the environment we live in."

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