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5 Warning Signs Your Art Needs To Be Restored (With Examples!)

5 Signs Your Art Needs To Be Restored

Preserving your art is crucial for maintaining both its aesthetic appeal and value. While some damages, such as tears or breaks, clearly require restoration, other forms of deterioration, like aging-related wear, might not be as obvious.

To help you navigate this question, here are 5 common warning signs that you may need to get your art restored:

1 - Cracked Paint and Missing Chips

5 Signs Your Art Needs To Be Restored

Dry paint often leads to cracked paint and flaking, issues that are frequently observed in older oil paintings. Such artworks require varnishing and, in cases where paint has chipped off, may also need retouching. Our skilled restoration professionals excel in precisely matching the original paint color, restoring the piece to its original splendor.

2 - Dull Color From Dirt, Dust, Mold, and Yellowing Varnish

5 Signs Your Art Needs To Be Restored

Nobody wants dull painting. Often with older vintage and antique artworks, dust, dirt and sometimes even mold will collect on the surface and make the colors dark and bland. The varnish can also begin to yellow with age.

This can be fixed with a simple cleaning and revarnishing which will restore the bright and beautiful colors that the art piece once boasted.

3 - Discolored Speckles on Artworks on Paper

If you own a vintage artwork on paper, look for little speckles of discoloration. These yellow speckles are called foxing and come from the breakdown of the paper to a high acidity. This can either be from the paper itself or from the backing.

If you notice foxing on your art piece. Our expert restorers can clean away the foxing and do an acid wash on the paper to remove acidity and prevent further damage.

4 - Tears, Holes, and Dents in Canvases and on Paper

5 Signs Your Art Needs To Be Restored

Tears, holes, and dents in your cherished painting may seem catastrophic, but don't despair—such damage might make your artwork appear battered and beyond repair, but it is entirely fixable. These common issues can be expertly restored, allowing you to preserve and continue to enjoy your valuable piece.

5 - Chips and Scratches on the Frame

Over time, a frame may accumulate chips and scratches, potentially detracting from the overall presentation of your artwork. Cracks and chips can give the piece a worn and aged appearance. Fortunately, our expert restorers can repair any frame damage or even reconstruct broken parts, restoring the frame to its original condition and ensuring your artwork looks as impressive as ever!

Any of these sound familiar? Check out our Art Restoration Page!

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