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American (1942-2003)

Nestled in the rugged mountains of North Carolina during his formative years, Dean St. Clair was captivated by the essence of the American West. He seamlessly wove together wildlife, still life, and rustic elements like lanterns and buckets in his art. His artistic journey began at the esteemed Harris Art School in Nashville, Tennessee, where he honed his skills and sustained himself as a gifted illustrator. Under the guidance of local luminary Janice Pollard, he delved into watercolors, pioneering a distinctive sepia ink, free-hand airbrush technique that defined his unique style.

In 1983, Dean and his life and art partner, Linda St. Clair, moved to New Mexico, profoundly influencing his artistic canvas. Amidst sweeping vistas, he immortalized the spirit of cattle drives and other facets of western existence that he personally embraced. Dean St. Clair's brushwork garnered acclaim, earning coveted spots in the Arts for the Parks Top 100 and accolades from esteemed institutions like the National Watercolor Society, the Salmagundi Club, and the Mountain Oyster Show in Tucson, Arizona. His evocative pieces graced prestigious exhibitions, including the Rising Stars Show at the Desert Caballeros Museum, a solo showcase at the Rio Grande County Museum, and a compelling two-person exhibit at the Koshare Indian Museum.


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