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American (1952 - 2018)

Linda St. Clair (1952-2018) was a highly regarded American contemporary wildlife painter known for her vibrant portrayals of roosters, cows, and various barnyard, domestic, and wild animals. Her artwork skillfully captured the attitude and personality of each animal, exploring themes of pride, love, and motherhood.


St. Clair stood out as an innovator in the tradition of painting, infusing her animal portraits with a strong narrative sense, a keen understanding of animal anatomy, and a deep connection to wildlife's vitality and emotional range. Her paintings, characterized by the contrast of warm and cool colors, loose brushstrokes, bold color, and play of light and shade, conveyed a sense of depth and texture. Having spent her formative years on a Tennessee farm, St. Clair developed a deep appreciation for the animals she encountered. She dedicated herself to painting after receiving guidance from her late husband, Dean St. Clair.


In pursuit of a genuine understanding of her subjects, St. Clair frequently traveled to observe and photograph them in their natural habitats around the world. Her work has been showcased in exhibitions across the United States and internationally, including in Japan, China, Turkey, and the Royal Guard in Paris, France. St. Clair's art aimed to provide viewers with a glimpse into the individuality and complex emotional lives of animals, fostering a connection between the audience and the subjects depicted.


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