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American (b. 1950)

Richard Luce was born in Yonkers, New York in 1950, and has dedicated over 30 years to capturing the history of the American West. After earning a degree in commercial art from Dutchess Community College, he began as an assistant art director in Manhattan but spent his evenings developing his artistic style.


His deep admiration for the American West, particularly inspired by Frederic Remington's work, led him to focus on Western subjects. He started selling his art in the early 1970s through the Douglas Gallery in Stamford, Connecticut, and the support of his growing following encouraged him to pursue art full-time.


Luce's firsthand exploration of the West, including extensive hiking and nature observation, lends authenticity to his work, with collectors noting the ability of his paintings to evoke sensations such as the feeling of cold snow or the texture of stone. His true excellence shines in his portrayal of American Indians, reflecting their dignity and strength, achieved through extensive research, reading, and even camping in primitive gear to understand their way of life. Richard Luce's art stands as a testament to his enthusiasm, love for painting, and deep connection to the West.


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