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Ivan Rabuzin (1921-2008), a celebrated Croatian painter, is best known for his distinctive naive art style. Born in Ključ, near Novi Marof, Croatia, on March 27, 1921, Rabuzin initially pursued a career as a carpenter and joiner. However, in his mid-30s, he embarked on a journey in painting, rapidly gaining acclaim for his unique artistic flair.

His artwork is distinguished by tranquil landscapes, replete with undulating hills, quaint houses, and a palette of vibrant, harmonious colors. Rabuzin's approach to painting, marked by its simplicity, symmetry, and stylized representation of nature, creates a vision of a peaceful, idealistic world, notably absent of human figures.

Rabuzin emerged as a key figure in the Naïve Art movement, celebrated for its embrace of self-taught artists and their straightforward artistic methods. His works, providing a serene counterpoint to the hustle and bustle of modern existence, garnered widespread international recognition.


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