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Guido Frick's career is a blend of European and American influences, beginning with his studies under Professor Karel Hodr, a figure in European Impressionism, and continuing at the Bongart School of Art in the US. His work, now featured in prominent galleries across Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, and highlighted in key art publications, has earned him the Prix de Salon in Fontainebleau-Paris.

Drawing inspiration from diverse landscapes in the Netherlands, Southern France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and particularly the American West, Frick's style is known for its dynamic brushwork and vibrant colors. His education in both American and European traditions gives his work a distinctive flair.

Frick views nature as the ultimate setting for impressionist art, stressing the importance of painting outdoors and the need for emotional authenticity in art. He believes in painting as a dialogue with nature, a perspective inspired by Sergei Bongart.

Frick's work defies simple categorization, merging impressionism and expressionism. He captures the fleeting moments and shifting lights of the world, focusing on themes of change and renewal. Painting, for him, is a thoughtful, moment-by-moment pursuit, always aiming to bring his visions to life, continuously seeking the essence of the changing world through his art.


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