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American (1941)


Gary Jack Thornton, born in Oklahoma City in 1941, is an artist whose traditional paintings of cowboys and the American West exude boldness, action, and vibrant colors. Having pursued a successful career in design and illustration for 37 years, Thornton founded the Beat Of The West Gourmet Food Co., which grew into an international company. In 1998, he retired to fully dedicate himself to painting.


Although he doesn't describe himself as a "real cowboy," Thornton's deep connection to the West stems from his upbringing in Oklahoma's horse country, Montana, and Texas. He immerses himself in the lifestyle of cowboys, conducting research, studying, and even participating in ranch activities. Thornton finds inspiration in the dust, sweat, smells, and action of the Western experience. His paintings beautifully combine landscape, figures, and motion, capturing the essence and preserving the disappearing lifestyle of the American West. His works are highly sought after and collected by individuals and corporations across the nation.


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