Amy Ringholz


Originally from Ohio, Amy Ringholz relocated to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 2002 where she found work at a historic dude ranch while she built an identity in the art world. Her unique process, drawing in ink and then adding Van Gogh inspired color, brings her renditions of the animal kingdom to life. Her second show at Austin Galleries, The Eyes of Texas, is her seventeenth solo show. 


Amy was named one of Southwest Art Magazine’s 21 Under 31 in 2006, and again selected for 25 Under 40 in The Artist’s Magazinein March of 2007. In Southwest Art Magazine’s March 2008 issue, she is listed in Artists to Collect Now! Two of her pieces were featured in the film Wild Hogs and she spent 2007 on the cover of Santa Fe Circle. Her latest achievement was being invited to participate in the prestigious Jackson Hole Wildlife Museum’s Western Visions: Miniatures and More show.


After a three month sabbatical of volunteer work in South Africa, Amy returns enriched, inspired, changed and eager to begin her new collection of works. “I want to capture what I have seen and learned and allow my animals to tell stories of tradition, dreams, symbolism and of coming together. I am moving from portraiture and towards relationships and storytelling. Africa may not be front and center in my new work, but rather found in subtle undertones hinting at the profound impact it has had on my life.”