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Pep Suari

(born Barcelona, Spain, 1957)


This Barcelonian, who has established himself in Mallorca, seems to look, above all else in his painting, to capture the intense light of the Mediterranean. Even in his interior scenes his color is luminous and without a doubt a major attribute. His expressionistic style eminently undraws his figures, perhaps in an attempt to give them certain dynamics. The work of Suari breaks away from the established norms. From the beginning to the end, the colours become interrelated until an image is created, which is subtle but explicit, a symbiosis, which is a product of what he sees as his journey from the unconscious to the conscious. The explosion of intense colour is his means of expression, where the interpretation emerges from the chaos and abyss. Suari’s paintings aim to be a combination of the abstract and figurative world, without becoming either one or the other. Colour is of prime importance and although not bright as such, is optimistic and captivates the energy of the Mediterranean, which he conveys on the canvas. He has not followed the ultramodern tendencies but has followed what he believes to be his own way.

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