Paul Jauregui

(born 1965)


Although I am an Ecuadorian artist, I was born in New York City. Here I was exposed to art daily while accompanying my father to his studio where he worked on fine art restoration.


During college I pursued graphics arts, concentrating on illustration courses, drawing, art history, and also silk-screening. Although I have had some formal training, I consider myself a self-taught artist. I worked hard through most of my life, polishing my own techniques, and in the mid-nineties I began my professional art career.


My last six years have truly been my prime years as an artist. It all began with a show in Ecuador in 2002; this show introduced me to Luis Perez Galeria. I worked closely with Galeria and spent four years participating in the International Art Fair circuit, including such places as Art Miami, Arte Americas, the FIAC in Caracas, and Arbo in Bogotá, Colombia. I was also featured in a half-page spread in El Nuevo Herald in 2005. In 2006 I was chose to represent Ecuador in the 10th International Biennale at the Opera House in Cairo, Egypt. That same year I was chosen by Absolut Vodka to represent Ecuador in the international advertising project “Absolut Connections,” a campaign inspired by the Latin American Culture.


In April 2008 I launched a travelling exhibition geared to conservation called “Ranas-sanaR” (Frog Healing) in the Centro Cultural Metropolitano Museum in Ecuador. In May of the same year I participated in an exhibition in Ortakoy, Istanbul called “Reactions of Nature,” sponsored by the Ecuadorian Consulate in Turkey. The exhibit was then shown in Houston, TX at the Audley Society in cooperation with Red Rub Gallery.








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