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Miles Mathis is an American artist known for his nude portrait paintings and drawing of women. Born in Amarillo, Texas, he displayed early artistic talent, drawing a perspective train at age three. In his youth, he excelled in various activities, including golf, tennis, and music. He pursued liberal arts at Haverford College and later danced with a local ballet company while creating a popular comic strip.

Mathis turned to art full-time after a chance encounter with the Spanish portrait painter Joaquin Torrents Llado. He began copying works of old masters in museums across Europe.

Mathis's artistic journey took him from Texas to Europe, where he created diverse works across different mediums, including oil, pastel, watercolor, sculpture, and photography. He garnered attention for his unorthodox viewpoints and critiques of both the avant-garde and new realist movements. His contributions to art and science continue to provoke thought and debate, establishing him as a unique and compelling figure in the creative world.



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