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Spain (1919-2004)

Jose Vives-Atsara (1919-2004) was a highly esteemed Spanish-born artist. His passion for painting developed at a young age, and he pursued his artistic journey with unwavering dedication. After enduring hardships during the Spanish Civil War, Vives-Atsara immigrated to the United States with his wife and child in 1947. The family settled in San Antonio, Texas, where he became a cherished member of the artistic community. Vives-Atsara's vibrant oil paintings captured the essence of local scenes, including the San Antonio missions and the San Antonio River. He also received commissions to create artwork for esteemed guests such as Pope John Paul II and heads of state.
Vives-Atsara's paintings, described as both realistic and impressionistic, reflect his soulful and vibrant spirit. His contributions to the art world were recognized through prestigious collections and exhibitions, and he was a beloved professor and artist-in-residence at Incarnate Word College. Jose Vives-Atsara's legacy lives on through his inspiring artwork and his embodiment of the American dream.

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