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Till Goodan, born Werner Rolf Goodan (1896-1958), was an American artist, illustrator, and designer known for his distinctive Western-themed artwork. He gained prominence for his depictions of cowboys, rodeos, horses, and Western landscapes, which were characterized by a blend of realism and stylized motion, capturing the dynamic spirit of the American West. Goodan's work was popularized through various mediums including ceramics, tableware, and textiles, as well as in books, posters, and advertisements.

One of Goodan's most notable contributions to the arts was his design work for the Wallace China Company in the 1940s and 1950s. For Wallace China, he created the "Westward Ho" series of dinnerware, which featured intricate illustrations of cowboys, cattle, and rodeo scenes. These pieces became highly collectible, appreciated both for their artistic value and as emblems of American Western culture.


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