Linda St. Clair Artist Workshop

Artist Work Shop:

Linda St. Clair

Three Day Workshop

September 29th - October 1st, 9am - 4pm

Limited to 10 students


Austin Galleries is once again pleased to present the opportunity for art lovers to work with and learn from Linda St. Clair. This second workshop in Austin will focus on how to use color temperature and lost and found edges to create paintings of animals with emotion. Also what to leave out and what to put in. The artist will do a demo for students each day before they begin painting. All painting experience is welcome, from beginners to more advanced students. Linda tries to reach everyone wherever they are in the painting process. Artists are encouraged to bring their own photographs as a reference for their desired subjects.


Contact Austin Galleries to reserve your seat!

We look forward to seeing everyone in September. Many thanks for your loyal support.

-Ann Attal


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