Spotlight on a Local Artist: Georgiana Chenault

Of her artwork, Georgiana says, "Portraying animals, for me, is to capture the ephemeral flicker of perceptions between our animal brethren and ourselves as we look at, listen to, or otherwise touch. That interaction is something I cherish, even if merely an ear turned my direction. Those who have shared a thoughtful moment with an animal will understand. I brush a few strokes -- the heart fills in the rest."

We had Georgiana explain the process behind her artwork. Here, she describes the process to create her latest work, "Buck in Snowflakes".

"I always look for pieces with broken parts, scars, crevices, or irregular coloring. Sometimes I work on the back of a piece, sometimes on the front, [on the smooth] side, based on the colors and the smoothness of the surface. It is a point of pride that I choose pieces that would otherwise be discarded. I refer to it as "upcycling."

The animals I paint are from reference photos. This buck is a frequent visitor to some friends who have a cabin in Angel Falls, New Mexico. It snows a lot at 8,800 feet and the stone suggested "Bucky" in snowfall from the start.

Usually it is a 2 day process: I draw the first day, and often edit the drawing, using graphite. I concentrate on the expression, particularly the eye. After the eye, the muzzle and ears. That day I may paint the eye and begin the muzzle. I use water mixable oils, calligraphy inks, and also glaze to extend the drying time and add sheen where it is necessary. After 2 or 3 days of minor editing I spray the painting with sealant to protect it."

View Georgiana's artwork here

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