• Cameron Crawford

Lovely and Unique Sculpture

sculp·ture [skuhlp-cher]

noun: the art of carving, modeling, welding, or otherwise producing figurative or abstract works of art in three dimensions, as in relief, intaglio, or in the round.

Sculpture is a wonderful art. Unlike paintings, sculptures are in the same space as we are. We can walk around them and view all their sides and angles. We can display them in more spaces than just a wall and sculptures can be made from a wide variety of materials and be created by many different methods.

The three sculptures above are all made from wood but are done in such different aesthetics and to produce such different emotions. The first sculpture is by Joe Derr and depicts a fabulous and fun loving woman driving her pink 59' Cadillac. The second sculpture was made in India and shows a gigantic whimsical painted elephant puppet. The third sculpture is from China and depicts a prostrate man possibly in a praying position. Each beautiful sculpture gives the feelings of excitement, whimsy and serenity. What is your favorite kind of sculpture?

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