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Evgeny Baranov and Lydia Velichko Baranov represent a unique combination of artists painting together - simultaneously, on the same canvas. A very small number of collaborative studio work examples can be found throughout the history of art, however, the Baranovs collaborate not only in the comfort of the studio, but in plein air as well. Working in a duet enables the artists to perform faster in the ever-changing plein air conditions and also to evaluate their own accomplishments in a more comprehensive and more critical manner.

Whether the subjects are lions or lambs, horses or hares, or the flamboyant and feisty barnyard rooster, St. Clair’s colorful animal paintings are characterized by the contrast of warm and cool tones, loose brushstrokes and bold color, light and shade, and thin and thick textures. Themes of parenthood, strength, and the soft, silent language of affection can all be seen in her work.











“Everything I do, I have to become it. There’s no thought; you try to get yourself out of the way when you’re painting, and watch things happen.”

Travel to Windors in this new- Anthony Klitz painting!

Another new artist to add to your wish list- Cynde Roof

Cynde Roof is an oil painter whose work is immediately recognizable for the lovely color palette, unusual subjects in still life and smooth glass like surfaces.  Her work is included in private, public and museum collections here in the states and abroad.  She became a successful painter in 2005 after a near death experience left her with the ability to craft fine artwork.

More from Manfred Rapp 

Since our last batch from the artist was so popular we've had him send us more! View the artist page to see all the latest works, many more inspired by the artist trip to Cuba.

New to our artist list is Jayshree Vakil

Jayshree’s versatile personality reflects in her work through many mediums.  Her paintings liberate color and lines from being purely descriptive to becoming free and expressive - suggesting emotion rather than a simple documentation of what the eye sees.

"I do not paint things, I paint the difference between things."

Drawings by Bartolome Sastre

These beautiful and intricate drawings demonstrate  the artist fantastic ability to capture people, light and movement in the most simplistic way. View more works by the artist to appreciate his unique style. 

A new portait by A.D. Greer

Just brought into the gallery is this lovely portrait of a ballerina by A.D. Greer. She has quite the story to go along with her! 


Greer's paintings in our collection would make the perfect addition to any aspiring ballerinas room!


Paul King "Path of the Moon"

Versatility, artistic maturity and mastery of technique and medium are hallmarks of Paul King's art. His diverse works of portraits, landscapes, rural scenes, and seascapes establish his reputation in the first quarter of the century. In 1938, after a productive 30 year career, he was elected as a full member of the National Academy.

Inquire here about  purchasing artwork!

Porfirio Salinas landscape

A Mexico landscape by Porfirio Salinas has come into the gallery and it's the perfect piece to inspire any room. 

Click HERE to view our other artworks by Salinas

                   Tom Reno abstracts 

This week we recieved a new collection by Tom Reno, one of our fabulous represented artist.


Click Here to see the the whole collection!

Western Watercolors by Leonard Reedy


Come ride away with the imaginative watercolors by Leonard Reedy!  

Leonardo Nierman


Leonardo Nierman is a leader in modern Mexican art. He is able to create paintings of abstract landscapes that are highly colorful and full of motion and velocity as though propelled by music.  

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Alexander Calder Lithographs


Alexander Calder's quote, "I paint with shapes.", says it all. As one can clearly see when viewing his work, Calder truly did paint with shapes. Twentieth century art was revolutionized by Alexander Calder with his innovative way he was able to animate sculpture.  An accomplished painter of gouaches and sculptor in a variety of media, Calder is best known for his simple arrangements of boldly colored, irregularly shaped geometric forms that convey a sense of harmony and balance.    

It's time to sparkle!


The Holiday season is fast approaching so we've added lots of goodies that anyone would be thrilled to have as a present!

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With the weather finally cooling down, we are in the mood to celebrate! And of course we are going to celebrate with new art. These new works are whimsical and fanciful and just what we need to energize our bodies and get our minds thinking thoughtfully for the new season.

We have recently acquired several new prints by some very prolific artists; Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Erte. Prints, whether serigraph, lithograph or etching, are a great way to collect art because you can have an original piece at usuaully a much less expensive price than an original painting. Because who wouldn't want a Picasso in their collection?

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We are very excited about the two new G Harvey paintings we just acquired. These paintings have not been viewed by the public since they were painted in the early 60s. Of his own paintings, G Harvey says, "My paintings have never been literal representations. They are part first-hand experience, and part dreams generated by those early stories I heard. They are a product of every place I have been, everything I have ever seen and heard."

New to the gallery are some truly beautiful landscapes from Texas artists. Each artist has his own style and can be seen in how each landscape is painted as well as the mood the landscape evokes.

We have recently acquired a few new portrait paintings. These portraits make the viewer feel like they have a real sense of who the person is in the painting. The expressive faces of the subject's convey a true sense of personality and enable the viewer to engage in the painting.  

These paintings by Angeles Cereceda will certainly brighten any cold winter day. The expressive brushstrokes and deep colors create dramatic scenes while still remaining peaceful and calm.  

New to the gallery are two paintings by Antoine Blanchard (1910-1988). The paintings, both with delicate and small paint strokes, depict Paris at the turn of the century. In A.P. Larde's biography of Blanchard, Larde describes how Antoine Blanchard "invites us to relive this period by showing us pleasant strolls along embankments, squares and boulevard at a period in Parisian life when time did not count, when one had all one's time to idle, to stroll along the streets, to window-shop, to walk quietly along the boulevards or spend the afternoon in a sidewalk café". After viewing these two paintings, we can clearly see how Blanchard did accomplish this.

We are very excited about the new original posters that just came into the gallery. These posters for art exhibitions by Josef Albers and Victor Vasarely from the 1960's and 1970's are all original lithographs. Each poster was individually created so not only did they advertise the artist's exhibition but they also provided the viewer or buyer with a piece of art work. They just don't make posters like that any more!

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New to the gallery is this incredible 3D object by Friedensreich Hundertwasser titled Fall In Cloud, Fall In Fog, Fall Out. Five different layers of plexiglass have been vibrantly screen printed and stacked in front of one another to create a dreamlike scene of clouds and fog rolling over a town. The piece is even more beautiful because its a combination of a painting and a sculpture. A true conversation piece!

We have been getting some great feedback on these stunning landscape photographs by photographers Peter Lik and Rodney Lough Jr. With their crystal clear scenes and their large size, the viewer is truly transported to each landscape. Each photograph evokes a different mood with its different subjects yet all of them have the overall tone of echanted amazement.

A watercolor by artist Michael Frary, has just come into the gallery. Michael Frary is a well known artist and scholar as he was an important part of the Texas art movement called Lone Star Modernism. And even though Frary was not originally from Texas, his academic career and artwork, make him a recognizable name among Texas history. His expressive and colorful watercolors truly demonstrate a love of the Texas landscape.

These lovely lithographs by the Greek artist, Costas Grammatopoulos, are beautiful and enchanting. The light colors and illustrated look, create costal scenes of whimsy.

We have recently acquired two beautiful and unique paintings by Berndard Buffet. 


Bernard Buffet was born in Paris, France in 1928. After studying at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Buffet developed his disctintive individual style and won the Prix de la Critique in 1948 at the age of 20. Buffet established style is characterized by angular and elongated forms with muted colors and dark outlines. His work expresses an isolated mood giving light to his feelings of alienation from the post-war generation. Buffet's works evoke his sense of solitude while also balancing the beauty of a single subject.








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