Dr. Ahmed Farid is an actor, philanthropist, and artist, born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt. His artwork depicts striking abstract scenes with dynamic figures and enduring motifs. “Everybody carries their own flower, light, and bird within" Farid says, which open the door for us to view and analyze his work. The use of birds in Farid’s paintings is very predominant as they symbolize freedom and the desire to unleash. The lights of knowledge that fill his paintings urge the observers to search within themselves and their lives. Flowers symbolize hope. The soul, Farid’s core artistic concern, opens its largest and most reflective windows, the eye. The eye represents the hero in most of his artwork as he sees it as a gate. It expresses the human state whether confused, lurking, or speaking out the secrets of their respective owners.

"I want my work to inspire people to connect with themselves. Many people are losing their sense of inner strength and fail to see the torch that will show them the turning point in life. Many people only know their first layer, and they would never discover the inherent power in their lives".


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Dr. Ahmed Farid

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Art Exhibition

Thursday, Dec 9 at Bella Salon, 7 - 10 PM

1221 West 6th St.  Austin, Texas.

Join Dr. Ahmed Farid for a meet and greet, and intimate look at his new paintings.

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Abstract Collection