David Sanders

(American, 1936 - 2013)


Born in San Antonio, David Sanders began studying art at the age of ten in the Witte Museum. He attended Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, majoring in commercial art before turning his full attention to the art of the Old West. In 1966 he moved from San Antonio to Austin, where he still lives with his wife Sally and their three children. He is one of the twelve founders of the Texas Association of Professional Artists, and in 1975, had a one-man exhibition of his paintings at the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum in Canyon, Texas.

All of Sanders’ paintings are done not only with exceptional talent but with a great care that brings out in exact detail and excellent composition the story he wants to tell, making each work of art a masterpiece of artistic accomplishment. Working mostly in pastels, like the early Texas artist Frank Reaugh, Sanders brings to this medium the depth and rich coloring of an oil painting and has been described by one critic as "the best pastel artist I have ever seen." In 1969 Sanders illustrated the book, "Rangers of Texas" for the Texian Press in Waco, which work consisted of seven paintings in full color. His paintings have appeared in Cattlemen’s Magazine and have been used on the covers of four of the King Ranch Sales Catalogues. Sanders’ works are in many noted collections of Western art, including those at the King Ranch, National Polled Hereford Association, and the Diamond M Museum. His paintings hang in the homes of many prominent Americans, including Governor Dolph Briscoe, Darrell Royal, and James Brolino of the Marcus Welby TV show.








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