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Albert Bertalan (September 21, 1899 - December 28th, 1957) was a Hungarian artist known for his post impressionist, modern, and cubist styles in his paintings, often including depictions women. He studied at the Free Art School of Károly Kernstok as well as with several other artists.

Bertalan moved to France in 1924 where he studied at the Académie Julian, a progressive art school founded by Rodolphe Julian in 1869. He had several solo and collective exhibitions over the next several decades and continued to paint in until his death in Clécy, France in 1957.

Gerald Schurr decribed Bertalan's work in his 1980 book Le Guidargus de la Peinture, Les Éditions de l'Amateur:


“We find in him an expressive and tumultuous lyricism typical of artists from Central Europe, but his themes, far from reflecting the Slavic world of despair that animates him, are on the contrary pleasant and smiling."


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