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American (1904 - 1998)

A.D. Greer, born in Pond Creek, Oklahoma on December 25, 1904, was a celebrated American artist known for his luminous landscape and still-life paintings. Despite being self-taught, Greer mastered the art of rendering landscapes and still lives with a remarkable level of realistic detail. His depictions of the American West, particularly the Grand Canyon and Yosemite Falls, garnered significant public and critical acclaim. Influenced by renowned landscape painters like Robert William Wood, Thomas Moran, Frederic Edwin Church, and Albert Bierstadt, Greer's romantic style captivated viewers. An artist, poet, lecturer, and illustrator, Greer's popularity soared, with his paintings commanding high-dollar values. Although primarily residing in New York City, he frequently painted landscapes of the southwestern United States. He also mentored several other artists including Milbie Benge and Gary Lynn Roberts. Greer's profound observation of beauty and his ability to preserve it in his artwork earned him a revered status among Texas landscape painters. He passed away on February 9, 1998, in Austin, TX.



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