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Since opening the gallery in 1964, Austin Galleries has become a trusted name in fine art sales and services. With an expansive clientele of private individuals and small and large businesses, Austin Galleries offers a wide variety of art to meet different needs and aesthetics. For finding the perfect piece of art, our large collection offers art from 19th century paintings to 20th century modern prints; Texas landscapes to contemporary abstracts; fine antiques and modern sculpture. In addition to the sale of fine art, Austin Galleries offers a range of services including art appraisals, restoration, consignment and corporate leasing.


Austin Galleries was founded in 1964 by George and Ann Attal and is currently owned and operated by Ann. In 1979, George and Ann joined business efforts in creating a successful gallery specializing in fine art and antiques. George and Ann also developed an extensive relationship with artists by becoming artist agents and decorative art dealers. 


Curriculum Vitae for George and Ann Attal


1964-70           General Store Gallery, Austin, Texas

1970-79           International Fine Arts Inc., Honolulu, Hawaii

1983-87           Austin Galleries, Austin, Texas

1983-87           African Fine Arts, Austin, Texas

1989-96           Austin Galleries/M. George Attal Arts

1995-Present   US Representative for J.T. Llado Estate

1996-Present   Austin Galleries, Austin, Texas








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Gallery of Fine Art in Austin, TX  

Visit our gallery to view some of the best fine art in Austin, TX. We feature works by leading artists, both local and global, and sell prints as well as original works. Our gallery displays artworks in different mediums including oil, watercolor, mixed media, and 3D pieces. When you’re looking for skilled and knowledgeable art brokers, get in touch with us. We’ll help you find the perfect piece for your home or business or simply help you appreciate the finer things in life. Some of the 3D art we display includes:

  • Furniture

  • Glass

  • Jewelry

  • Accessories

  • China and Sterling

  • Religious and Iconographic Work

Featuring Numerous Prominent Artists

When you’re looking for high-quality prints of well-known works, get in touch with our art brokers. We offer both original works and prints of works by artists such as Marc Chagall, Paul Jacoulet, Gustav Likan, Paul Bernard King, Georges Braque, and Alexander Calder.

Providing a Variety of Services

In addition to displaying and selling fine art, we provide an array of services to help you make the most of your collection. We have skilled appraisers on staff as well as painting restoration specialists and brokers for art consignment, leasing, and estate sales. Whether you’re looking to build or sell parts of your collection, count on us.

Contact us to learn more about our gallery or available art. We are proudly located in Austin, Texas.

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