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Ken Payne

Betty Carr



Ken Payne



            Ken Payne, born to the ranching heritage of the Southwest, brings the exciting memories of the Old West to life in his heroic bronze sculpture. His work depicts the action, the danger, even the humor of many a frontier situation.


            Payne is a fan of the great sculptors of the past, especially the Greek and Roman masters.  He strives for the same design qualities within his western themes. Payne’s work is shown and collected internationally and is prized by noted art connoisseurs as well as first-time collectors.  His work is followed by thousands more through the nationally televised program, “Sculpting with Ken Payne.”


            Payne’s studio is found in Sedona, Arizona where he makes his home with his lovely wife Karen and their sons.  He is usually found working in public where he enjoys meeting visitors and telling stories of the Old West.  Ken is dedicated to authentically and permanently recording a dynamic era to be enjoyed in the comfort of the viewers home. 


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